That was easy!

The Hands-on session 'Developing Python for S60 applications for Mobile Phones' by Jürgen Scheible started with an introduction to some of the presenter's projects that are related to mobile music:
MobiLenin http://www.mobilenin.com/
The MobiLenin system is a hybrid interface for mobile group interaction combining the complementary strengths of a public display and a personal mobile phone to provide enriched entertaining and social experiences. The MobiLenin system allows a group of people to interact with an interactive music video on a large public display using their personal mobile phone.
This is a game style project with 180 students taking pictures in New York as triggered by stories submitted online. collaborative story-telling, picture taking, pervasive gaming project. Jurgen will present a paper on this in Toronto at the Pervasive Computing conference in a few weeks.
Next we were introduced to the Python basics, each got a S60 phone and connected it to our laptops.
Mith Jurgen's instructions and some pre-arranged files he provides we were soon rocking out mobile phones trying out MIDI, sound recording and connecting up to MAX/MSP. We treated ourselves with a sponetenous Jam session with our brand new scripts.
After not having done any programming for years the satisfaction of the most simple script working makes me smile! That was easy! (Ok, the connecting to MAX/MSP was a bit of a challenge after only two hours of Python ever...)

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