teri rueb keynote - notes by Atau

sound as a frame to a landscape
we make assumption of iPod bubble - isolation of headphones
how to come together to molecules?
public sphere - the feeling of connectidness
movement as mediation
generating meaning
Romantic era:
Manifest destiny - controlled landscape
intoxicating landscape
fear of solitude/desire for individualism
paradox like paradox of the submlime
Post industrial landscape - fear, anxiety
before: VR - escape
cyborg body as a figure in the landscape
what do we look like?
We become the material of mobile ad-hoc networks
place as 1st person experience - phenomelogical
hertzian - abstract w/ respect to the objectiveness of visual
Yoho - memorial - to what? nonverbal?
Drift - soundspace moves w/ the tide - moving target - verbal
danger -
remote landscapes
Core Sample - Spectacle Island
conecting landscape to ICA indoors
Where is the music in all this?
Sound is the native modality of these landscapes
Target and target seeker
where does space go?
sharing - illusion of personal expression - is it fragmented
question off the shelf tech - they may not be as liberating as we think.

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