Record sound & upload on the go: Geotracing session - notes by frauke

During the hands-on session at Waag I had a go at MobiTracer together with one other participant (see www.geotracing.com). You take out a mobile phone connected to a small wireless GPS device on a walk through the city. On the way you can stop and take pictures or record sound and immediately upload your media to the geotracing server. On your return you can then look at a map of your walk (trace on Google maps) and there are little coloured points on your trace where you uploaded your media. You can click on the media spots, or re-plot your whole trace with the media playing alongside.

While walking around you can also scan your surroundings for media traces left behind by other people. We were so busy recording our own sounds, taking pictures and uploading them that we actually forgot to scan for other people's traces. The constant but slow beeping indicating a working GPS connection was very reassuring and was a great way of conveying this information as we didn't have to stare at the screen while walking. Unfortunately it was raining so we didn't go too long in order to safe the equipment.

We were taking pictures of the walk...but they are now on the server. And we didn't take any other ones with our own cameras. So much documentation, and all in different places. So you'll have to look them up on www.geotracing.com.

Accidentally drew the trace of an M .... easy.....

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